Statutory Declaration Member List access

Member requesting a copy of the list is required to provide to Kannada Koota New York a Statutory Declaration &  commitment to use the KKNY membership list. 

I declare that I will use the KKNY member list made available to me for only the purpose of Kannada Koota New York activities respecting members privacy by adhering to Kannada Koota Constitution, New York State & Federal Privacy laws and general ethical-moral principles.

I will limit the use of this list to the below activities benefitting KKNY community: 

• An effort to influence the voting of members in elections, AGM and other KKNY official events only.

• Requisitioning a meeting of members.

• Any other matter relating to the affairs of the KKNY non-profit corporation.

I will not use the list for solicitation activities or otherwise as not covered by the constitution of Kannada Koota, nor share this list with others within or outside the KKNY organization.

After the use of the list for the purpose requested, I will comit to destroy any copies electronic or print-outs. 

Members have the right to information as to who has access to their information, and how their data is stored or used by KKNY. In an effort to keep transparency and follow best practice to comply with NY State privacy laws including Shield act and KKNY constitution, Names of persons requesting membership list, dates requested and purpose will be recorded for review and share with, other registered member if he/she so wishes to be informed of how their information is being used, stored or shared.